Death Track: Resurrection

Death Track: Resurrection

An action-packed futuristic racing game


  • Nice futuristic environment
  • Original mixture of racing and action games
  • Loads of power-ups


  • Not very realistic physics
  • Tracks are too long


I'm not a big fan of racing games - I find them a bit too repetitive – but Death Track: Resurrection is an exception to the rule. In fact it's quite original, that is, for a racing game.

Death Track: Resurrection is not just about racing down all the tracks in the game and trying to arrive first to the finishing line; it's also about fighting against the other drivers and trying to stay alive in an action-packed race where the first prize is simply survival.

The game lets you choose between several cars and also features a wide range of weapons, though the demo doesn't include them. There are also different gaming modes, but only Challenge and Quick Race modes are available in this demo.

As for gameplay, Death Track: Resurrection is quite easy to control: the four arrow keys to manage your car plus two more keys to shoot against other players. In a way it's a good thing that the car is easy to control, as you also need to concentrate on shooting and gathering all the power-ups scattered along the track. The physics engine is not great - especially when it comes to car damage – but the game's general setting in a somewhat futuristic city looks great: all those gray buildings with huge ads reminded me of Blade Runner. Pity the tracks are so incredibly long: each lap takes years to complete.

Death Track: Resurrection is an original racing game where the important thing is not just arriving first, but also smashing other drivers on your way to the finishing line.

Death Track: Resurrection


Death Track: Resurrection

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